Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rules for Logging Off

From Eve Online forums (hat tip to @K162space):
Rules of logging off.

1. If you log off cloaked, you will disengage your cloak and e-warp away upon logging off.
2. If you log off with aggression you will e-warp off but remain in the system for 15 minutes from last point of aggression.
3. If you log off and are tackled but without aggression you will disapear 30 seconds after logging off.
4. If you log off and are tackled with aggression you will remain there til they are done with you.

Btw, when you log off but have aggression then you will remain on the directional scanner until your 15 minutes are up. If they see you on directional, then it's easy to scan you out since you are only 1,000,000 km from where you logged off.


  1. Anonymous12:16 pm

    5. If you log off in a super carrier and are tackled with aggression, you will stay at that location with 20+ people pounding on you. At the end of 15 minutes, your cloaked alt will wath your SC in half armor ewarp to freedom as you sit and lawl.

  2. 6. If you log off before the fight even begins, you should biomass your character and leave EVE forever.