Monday, August 09, 2010

Witty Post Title Indicating I'm Back

Yes, the vacation is over. It was busy and sometimes stressful (do we really need all that crap for a day at the zoo?!) but overall fun.

Once the vacation was over and I was back home, SWMBO and I negotiated a New Deal that allows me one Eve night a week in exchange for taking the baby one night a week so she can do whatever it is that non-gamers do with their free time, scrapbooking or emailing or photo editing or some such stuff.

Last night was my first under the new deal and I logged into to find that there was no major ops going on but there was a Home Defense fleet up to catch a dual boxing Gila-Falcon pirate. Gila, being the Guristas faction cruiser and very expensive, was the prime target and before I arrived they caught the Falcon alt and gave chase. The Gila was cloaked up in a safe spot be the time I arrived and we camped him until he logged off.

With no other PvP in sight, I returned to repairing Kla'Strit's sec status in the handy ratting Vagabond (only forgetting to recall drones before warping off once) and made good progress on that front getting up to the -4.26 range. I then moved my PvE Maelstrom to the centre of M3's ISK making area and logged into Korneilia to take care of her Coolant manufacturing lines which is slowly chugging along. Might add another planet to the empire to produce something else, we'll see if time permits.

It was late, but I took the time to record another episode of Broadcast from the Ninveah to save me trying to do it in the morning.

* * * * *

In other news, Caldari Carrier V comepleted finally and I'm currently working on the skills for Tech II sentry drones, a gaping hole in my otherwise sound drone skills. After that, not sure; maybe Tech II Gallente Crusiers which has been a dream of mine.

Korneilia is working on probing skills for wormhole probing, and the Wyvern alt is getting closer to completion every day with the end of the month looming.

Finally, let's do another check in with the carebear brigade who seem to be working better together recently.

Errr.... I'll get back to you on that.


  1. Welcome back! I'm still recovering from vacation.

  2. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Welcome back! And I just love that photo :D

  3. Let us all hope you gain more leverage to renegotiate the 'deal.'

    A belated congrats on your 70 mil SP breakthrough! The more hectic RL gets, the faster skills seem to train.