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Fiction Friday- Series 2: Chapter 4

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Congratulations Recruit!

After months of hard work you successfully made your way through the hardest basic training in the cluster! But now the real work begins. Over the next two weeks you will attend testing sessions to evaluate your mental and physical aptitudes so that the navy can properly assess where you will fit best. Once the evaluations are complete, you will apply to one of the major branches and upon acceptance begin training in your general field. In the future you may be given opportunity for specialization in that field as well.

In order to help you make your decisions, here are descriptions of the major branches in the Navy.

Engineering Corps

The largest of the divisions in the Navy, the Engineering Corps is responsible for the design, construction, and maintenance of every starship, outpost, and station under our control.

Your training will be broad at first, focusing on standard engineering concepts and skills while you and your trainers continually evaluate where your strengths lie. After a year you may be asked to specialize in various systems such as power generation, ordnance regulations, or structure construction/maintenance. Advanced applicants may even be asked to participate in the Research and Development division where Naval engineers and civilian contractors work on the next generation of weapons and systems for maintaining Caldari technological superiority on the border regions.

Signals Corps

The modern battle is often won or lost on the information each side had available to them, and the Signals Corps sole goal is to ensure our fleet commanders have the most detailed data possible. As an apprentice of the Corps you will be instructed in the most modern methods of secure communication and information analysis. As you specialize, you will have the opportunity to specialize in cryptography, data storage and retrieval, signal analysis, electronic warfare and counter measures, and eventually advanced electronic research and design.

Logistics Corps

An army marches on its stomach and a fleet fights on its fuel. The Logistics Corps of the Navy is dedicated to procurement and distribution of the necessary supplies to all corners of Caldari space and beyond. Part of this monumental daily task is ensuring assets in the care of the Navy are properly stored and easily found from distant warehouses when called upon. For munitions and starbase fuel this can be of critical importance.

An apprentice to the Corps will study the main logistics channels of the State and the Navy, and further specialization into various procurement channels is part of the advancement scheme.

Administration Corps

At its heart the Navy is a vast bureaucracy and the Administration Corps provides the grease to keep all parts working smoothly together like a well ordered machine.While not the most glamorous division, without us the Navy would fall apart in chaos and confusion.

Primarily responsible for financial and personnel decisions, apprentices to our Corps will be required to study from all disciplines in order to have the best base knowledge of how the Navy works and how the people and their jobs make it work. Promotions into specialized areas of the Corps such as overseeing recruitment and basic training, aptitude testing, cost savings, Human resources assignments, and more will become available to the most qualified officers.

Officer Corps

Command of a ship or a base takes a quality that is not easily measured but is easily recognized when on display. The Officer Corps is the most sought after division and yet the most difficult to gain entrance to as we only accept those with sterling marks on their qualification tests and the best psychological profiles.

If accepted into the Corps, you will begin the most difficult training to learn how the Navy operates and how its assets must be guided with a steady hand and clear vision. You will serve tours on ships of various classes, and in several bases and stations before your first assignment. If you meet expectations, you will progress through the ranks with more command at each level and if you surpass expectations you may get your selection of posts.

The Officer Corps also hosts the elite Capsuleer Program which has even more strident qualifications for acceptance. See our ombudsman for more information.

[scribbled in margins: "70% survival rate for pod pilot wannabes... ouch!"]

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