Monday, February 01, 2010

My Thoughts On The War

Its hard blogging about a war you are directly involved in because you don't want to be a fount of inspiration and intelligence to your enemies, nor discouragement to your allies. So I try and stick to publicly available facts and avoid inserting too much opinion. It tends to lead to dry blogging as a result.

It also sucks being on the losing side of the fighting so far because its harder to get excited to write a blog post that effectively says "we got the crap beat out of us last night!". Even if some of the beatings verge on the historically epic kind.

Fear not, my good readers. I am making notes for a retrospective after the dust has settled, for good or for ill. I have opinions and they will not be dulled by the lens of time. For now I can only say that my corpmates have made me proud and my alliance has tried hard to succeed in the face of overwhelming firepower and enemy competence.


  1. Looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield. - Autumnn

  2. Burn them all!

    I think I can honestly state that most of our side are itching to keep at it, so see some of you guys on the field :)

  3. Anonymous4:34 am

    I sincerely hope that the providence holders don't lose morale. any incursions into providence or paxton held Catch are the -A- and UNITY people riding on high morale. from the talk on our forums we're just in providence for the pew pew and D-G was just retribution for the attack by proviholders into catch a while back, not the first move in a long term offensive. I hope that your alliance leaders are able to keep morale up while on the defensive. I know it dropped to an alltime low when I was in Mostly Harmless fighting against tri due to the lack of direction and communication from our leadership.

    Best of Luck!