Monday, February 01, 2010

A New Reality

Regular life in Providence faces a new reality. With the vital southern system of D-GTMI in the hands of the enemy, its much easier for Ushra'Khan and Triple A to launch roams into our space. Before we had the buffer of SV5 and F9E to warn us of incoming hostiles from HED and beyond.

What it means is that you have to be on your toes more than ever in Paxton space.

Last night a roaming gang from Gentlemen's Club alliance came strolling through in about 30 HACs and Recons and we scrambled a fleet to engage them. Our FC decided upon Remote Rep battleships as the ship of the line and I rolled out in my Armageddon battleship, Memories of Mynxee. We were only about to get about 18-20 battleships along with a support fleet, but we decided to try to engage anyways.

We didn't fare so well, losing a few battleships and support ships for four enemy ships worth nothing in the grand scheme of things. I did manage to activate my weapons on a Drake that went down so I have proof I was there.

We made our way back to base and we formed up a new home defence fleet made of Paxton pilots. I jumped in my Crow, The Question,  and we moved to try and engage and destroy a Vagabond harassing friendlies in a nearby system. The Vaga was joined by a Rapier and our own Rapier pilot went in for a tackle but a miscommunication meant the Falcon that was to back him up was not in position. Our pilot was lost but his sacrifice was not completely in vain as the rest of us jumped on the hostile Rapier and took him and his pod down. Sadly, the Vaga got away.

I thought those three killmails put me at 10 for January but even though it was Jan 31st for me, it was Feb 1st for Eve. Oh well, headstart on February's goals.


  1. Ah, we heard of that gang in nearby systems as we rolled out to engage the proviblob bs gang..

    Glad to hear "Mynxee" made it back alive atleast :)

  2. We engaged that gang in D-GTMI and sent them running. Actually, looking at the timings we engaged an earlier incarnation of it.

    Engaging a LR HAC gang in an RR battleship fleet is, erm, brave.

  3. Yes life in Provi certainly is more exciting the last few days, I actually only became inspired to dip my toes into low sec after reading your blog, and haven't looked back since.

    So it's all your fault I'm in this mess.

    Thanks for the enlightenment, even if all the other blog authors I read are in the other side!

    [PXIN] Praerian / Cromar

  4. Anonymous1:31 pm

    It's definitely going to be interesting reading your side of this story. I'm not sure what -A- is going to do next but I'm pretty sure the consensus is that we don't want providence. Ushra'Khan on the other hand..... if they were to be given D-GTMI, things could be interesting. I for one, hope we meet on the battlefield one day :-)