Tuesday, February 02, 2010


I currently have three characters in m3 corp: Kirith, my main character and used for anything to do with shooting; Kla'strit who is trying to repair sec status in rare quiet moments and also a backup pvp char; and Derranna who I planned to use for logistics, exploration, backup PvE, and a second char for PvP ops.

However, plans don't always work out. Logistics hasn't been really necessary with Providences fairly easy access to empire and the number of jump capable pilots in the corporation. I haven't had any time for exploration or PvE at all, and I'm hesitant about dual-boxing in PvP as I find all my computer's and brain's resources are required for one ship.

In essence, Derranna has been seeing very little use in M3 corp, and it costs me money as a result (corp taxes). So last night I pulled the plug on her roles and will move her out to Ninveah Enterprises where she can still do the logistics and industry I need without the constant war decs a regular 0.0 alliance sees.

I've got an order for more Flycatchers, so time to dust off her production skills and put her to work.

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