Friday, January 29, 2010

Fall of D-GTMI

By the time I logged in, the shooting was over and the station in D-GTMI fallen. So head on over to Eve Monkey for some screenshots. Although, looking at the killboards kind of makes me a little glad I wasn't there because it wasn't a battle, it was a massacre. The Against ALL Authorities Killboard reports 487 kills to 14 losses but that doesn't include all friendly losses. Nevertheless, it appears that CVA and holders lost at least 102 Dreadnoughts and 28 carriers while killing no AAA cap ships in return.

I don't mind putting my own carrier on the line, I'm even prepared to see it go down in flames one day. But to lose it in such an ignominious defeat would have truly sucked. I don't know any details of what happened yet, but I imagine there are some pretty pissed off pilots right now.

Regardless, congrats to AAA et al. Enjoy D-G... for now.

EDIT: Another AAR from Mansai.

If other bloggers have posts about the fight, please leave links in comments. I want them for quotes and reference for an a Eve Tribune article and you will get credited.

Wensley chimes in.

Late Edit: Hitch gives his biased view. ;)


  1. Anonymous8:46 am

    missed seeing ya there bro I looked for ya...but sigh now I know why we "missed' you. Best of luck as always...hopefully this mollifies -A- and they do not start pushing even further

  2. Yeah, fights during weeknights before 8pm my time are extremely hard to get to. :P Next time can you guys arrange a better time for me? And bring fewer pilots so lag not so bad?

    Ah what the hell! I challenge you to a duel! Carriers at midnight? ;)

  3. Anonymous9:58 am

    The timing was very hard to work arround, luckily I was working from home yesterday.

  4. Anonymous3:14 pm

    great idea to duel you sadly the Carrier pilot is well not very skilled in the weaponry area yet ( logistics carrier first..then a true fighting carrier) Can i have a friend with a Nyx substitute for me?

  5. LOL, no thank you... unless your alliance has a spare Wyvern I can borrow?

  6. It wasn't really biased tbh :) I thought it was fair and a accurate account of what I saw, inbetween the lag, lol :)