Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wing Commander

Skills Update Time!

Kirith has been getting the leadership skills up to par and has completed the base skill of Seige Warfare to level V. I was going to start into Seige Specialist skill but the during fleet actions last week there was a call at one point for someone to take Wing Commander. I could not despite a willingness to do so so I put Wing Commander I - IV up on the list and I'll be finished that in 6 days.

After that I need a break from Leadership skills so I'm going to training Gallente Frigate V, an 8 days skill for me, and get access to the Ishkur Assault Ship and Taranis Interceptor to name a few. Then back to Seige Specialist I - IV and Cybernetics V.

Derranna has almost completed the basic Missile skills, with Guided Missile Precision needing to go to Level IV, and then I to IV of Bomb Deployment, Heavy Assault Missiles, and Cruise Missiles. Later on if need be I can go to the Tech II skills for any missile type.

Currently, though, she's working on Starbase Defense Management IV after completing the first three levels yesterday. I decided to take care of this in readiness for the certain turmoil that Dec 1st Dominion Day will bring.

In three weeks when she is done all of that, I'll spend a month getting access to the new Tech II exploration tools with Hacking V, Salvaging V, and Archeology V. Then on to projectile training.

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