Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dark Side of the Sun

I've stopped my trading enterprises recently. I've got over a billion ISK in my wallets and no looming ship purchases. My hanger is full of combat ships ready to go of all sizes and classes. There are no expensive implants I feel the need to purchase, and no outrageous skills that can't be covered with an Eve Tribune article or a few hours of ratting/missions.

Essentially the part-time trading was profitable but I was reaching the point where I either had to spend more time doing it to the detriment of other activities, or I had to stop. I'm not a halfway guy in regard to my obsessions.

But I still need something to do with those 15-20 minute chunks that sprout up during the week. When we were in IRC I did a lot of logistics to Etherium Reach from Empire. There is not such a need in Providence. So I've decided to start up the invention game again, making some Tech II BPCs to build from and sell.

I've got a backlog of some Tech II BPCs including about 10 Invulnerability Field II BPCs, and I had 8 Prototype Cloaking BPCs that I invented up to get 4 Covert Cloak BPCs. I'll have to dig up my production spreadsheets so I remember what to buy to build them.

As for selling, I think I'm going to try and sell them in Providence instead of an Empire hub. A win-win scenario: allies get local access to goods at a reasonable price and I get a bit more profit than in Empire.

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