Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I've been with m3 for over a year. Any time I'm online for more than 30 minutes I'm in corp chat looking for the current fleet or offering to help people with what they are doing. I chronicle my adventures here in pretty decent detail. So how much corp hanger access do you think corporate leadership has granted me?

The bare minimum.

And you know what? That's the right way to do it.

Corp theft in Eve is all too common but we really should recognize that there are two types: there is the sting operation where someone joins with the intention of malfeance some time in the future and works to ingratiate himself into the workings of the corporation; and there is the crime of opportunity, a falling out between individuals and one of the parties decides he is taking as much as he can with him as he leaves.

As a corporate CEO It's hard to protect yourself from either but the former is especailly difficult. In that case the person in question is actively trying to win your favour and can lie/hide his true opinions to do so. But even the latter scenario can catch you off guard as small disputes and minor personality conflicts can erupt into drama bombs at unexpected times.

In any case the best way to protect yourself and your corp assets is to be paranoid. Trust only those you have to with the bare minimum of roles and access they need to perform any tasks assigned to them or to reward them for service.

The reason this topic comes up is because I want to take something out of a hanger that I have access to normally, but not in Mobile Labs at a POS because you need the "Config Starbase Equipment" role to do so. However, that role would give me permission to anchor and unanchor things and that is not something I typically would do for the corporation. I imagine the scenario where the CEO logs in to find his POS and all its modules gone has run through his head a few times.

BTW CCP Devs, the above situation I just described in the previous paragraph? Unacceptable. New User Story: There should be a role to allow a pilot to take things from starbase modules without having the ability to anchor and unanchor them. Next Sprint please.


  1. Anonymous9:04 am

    I'd agree with that wholeheartedly. One thing that that is annoying for those who like to camp gates regularly in 0.0 is the fact that unless you have the starbase config roles, you cannot anchor bubbles on behalf of your corporation and must anchor them for yourself. This means that if someone tries to warp while in the bubble that you deployed you get aggro and cannot jump through a gate. If you deploy the bubble on behalf of your corporation you don't receive aggro and can jump as normal. However, who wants to give starbase config roles to anyone and anyone who wants to deploy bubbles?

    I think the whole POS mechanics need to be re-looked at.

  2. Starbase config roles to deploy bubbles? That seriously needs some looking at.

    Good point on the paranoia though. Personally I like to provide members with things but I make sure there's never enough to run off with: Have a limited amount of things where members can take them and restock when needed.

  3. I stumbled upon this recently myself. With a little POS at a wormhole we need to give people who are living there access to a ship hangar and a corp hangar to go about the business of not just killing sleepers but swapping to probing ships or gas-mining vessels. And that needs Starbase Config? It makes no sense, really.

    And I didn't even know about the bubble deployment mechanic. This is definitely something that needs looking into by CCP.

  4. Corporation roles are biting us in the arse as well at the moment, because of our wormhole operations. We are recruiting some new members and they are keen to get some Sleeper pew pew, and the most convenient way to store equipment is in a mobile hangar, but in order to access it you need to grant even greater access, as you point out.

    Accessing storage hangars shouldn't also allow the whole tower to be stripped.