Thursday, October 01, 2009

Lead(ershipp)ing The Way

So, back in my high sec hanger I have a little new ship sitting there waiting for action, a sexy Command Ship called a Vulture.

For the unintiated, every race has two Tech II Battlecruisers called Command Ships. The first and usually more popular is called the Field Command Ship, designed to get up close with the enemy and slug it out while boosting the friendly ships in the fight. The Nighthawk, Absolution, Astarte, and Sleipnir represent this class.

The second command ship of each faction is called a Fleet Command Ship, designed for less firepower but more support. While the Field Command Ships can use one Warfare Link, Fleet Command Ships can sport up to three, boosting a gang by a lot.

So back in my Hanger is a Vulture ready for action except I lack the skills to use warfare links.

Warfare links come in five types, Armoured, Siege (shield), Information (sensors and ewar), Skirmish (speed, web, jamming), and Mining. Obviously the four combat oriented ones are based on the factions' specialties (exception: Gallente and Information warfare links, very odd combination).

The Fleet Command ships are not restricted as to what warfare links that they can fit in their high slots but they get bonuses to one particular type, in the case of the Vulture, +3% per level of Command Ships to the effectiveness of Siege Warfare Links. So my first phase of leadership training will focus on those modules.

All the warfare links require Leadership V and the corresponding Specialist skill, in my case Siege Warfare Specialist. The specialist skill increases the effectiveness of the links by 100% after level two is trained, so getting it up to IV is pretty much mandatory. Warfare Link Specialist skill also increases effectivenss but I already got that skill to IV as its a prerequisite to Command Ships skill itself.

The Siege Warfare Specialist requires Siege Warfare skill (surprise surprise) so my training appears to be Siege Warfare to level V followed by Siege Warfare Specialist to level IV.

But wait!

There is an implant called Siege Warfare Mindlink which gives a straight up 50% boost to Siege warfare links' effectiveness AND ups the Siege Warfare skill's bonus from 10% shield hitpoints to 15%. Wow, get me one of those! Well, I have one of those in my hanger. It requires Siege Warfare Specialist V and Cybernetics V, a lot of training. But I'm in it for the long haul so add those to the list.

Ok, once those are done give me a fleet to boost!

Unfortunately, Mr Kodachi, you only can lead a squad of 10 guys right now. You need a few levels of Wing Commander to learn so you can boost wings of squadrons. Sigh. Ok, add those to the list.

The end result:
Skill plan for Kirith Kodachi

Siege Warfare III - V
Siege Warfare Specialist I - V
Cybernetics V
Wing Command I - IV
= 60 days of training.

Tomorrow I'll look at the actual Vulture setups themselves.


  1. Anonymous4:16 pm

    60 days? I dream of a queue that small. I'm currently skilling up for t3 manufacture :)

  2. A Claymore is on my list of "ships I must have" if only because leading a fast roaming cruiser gang in one makes for some insanely boosted roaming gang. (for an example of just how effective this ship is in the right hands take at the Pandemic Legion semi final...THAT is how you use a Claymore)

  3. Anonymous7:09 am

    mmmm, been wanting a vulture for a while, but have had to decide betwen leadership skills and getting into a capital ship a bit faster. currently command ship skills are on my plan for about this time next year...... Eve Mon can be depressing sometimes..

  4. Anonymous2:17 am

    I have been thinking about planning exactly this type of skill plan...except mine won't be complete for another three months! Oi...and that's with 19 pts into charisma. Should I get more...or just bear with it? I plan on commanding with a Night Hawk, but have been discouraged lately, since that's what everyone seems to be doing...not that everyone is good at it.

  5. I did a neural remap to make my attributes fairly equal since my training tends to go all over the place. You might get some bang for your buck, use Evemon to check it out.

  6. Due to the fact that Leadership training takes lots of charisma-heavy skills, many people train that on a second account. To be honest I think I'll be going the same way... tons of stuff left to train with my current low-charisma attributes, TYVM :)

  7. You know, I'm glad that I decided fairly early on to get another account. You just can't do it all with just one toon - unless you got a couple a years to spare.