Friday, September 18, 2009

Why 0.0?

In my Escape from Q-GQ post yesterday ReatuKrentor said...
why is your corp so frantic about finding a 0.0 alliance to join?
2nd time it went sour iirc.
And every time it adds another notch on your corp's alliance list of a failed alliance.
Why indeed? Allow me to list the general consensus reasons the core of M3 wants to move to 0.0 space. NOTE: These are not personal reasons, they are group reasons. For example, I wouldn't mind a month to try out the Epic Level Four missions or more Level 5 missions, but the gestalt is not interested in it.

1) Missions are boring. We are a PvP corp, we want PvP dammit!

2) Empire war decs are often more sound than fury. Nothing, NOTHING is more boring than station camping someone who refuses to undock.

3) Low sec has some PvP but we don't want the painful security status penalties. Plus we want big PvP as well as small roaming gangs; carriers and dreads for the win!

4) We want access to 0.0 resources like belt ratting and exploration content, for both ISK and challenge.

5) We want to be part of a larger pool of pilots for easy grouping and constant activity.

6) We want to be part of greater 0.0 alliance politics. Collolary: we want to make a good name for ourselves.

So that's why. We've done the low sec thing, Empire war decs, missions, we're ready for 0.0. We thought we had it in IRC until everyone in Eve kicked them out, TNT turned out to be a bust, but we have new leads and we are going to give it a good hard try.


  1. I'm with an 0.0 corp since one month now and I have:
    1. Loads of PvP
    2. A lot of money
    3. as much fun in Eve as I could think of

    So come to 0.0 ... Ask the Majesta Empire Alliance. Vale of the silent. Great fun, great guys!


  2. Anonymous9:53 am

    It's the wild west. What is there not to like?

  3. You obviously haven't spent that much time in the busier part of lowsec if you think there aren't big fights with numerous cap ships. Obviously it's not as insane as 0.0 where you get hundreds of caps on the field at once but I don't know why anyone would ever want to take part in that sort of boring tacticless lagfest anyhow.

    The security status part is definitely annoying though.

  4. Anonymous10:49 am

    I agree with both you and Doc, i would only go back to empire, if all other possibilties arose.

  5. Anonymous11:44 am

    I've got a strong interest in 0.0 PvP but also trading, so trying to merge those. Taking more time for me to get used to bubbles than I thought, though.

  6. Although the excursion to 0.0 was somewhat shorter then expected. I found it more appealing then lowsec when I found out my security status wouldn't tank.

    A higher sense of teamwork caught you up and sucked you in. I gave up on having a pristine employment history awhile back. Why should alliance history be any different? Short straws abound, and luck weighs heavily as there seems to be as many corporations and alliances as there are stars in the universe.

  7. well to be fair my employment history is pretty epic too. lol gewns, i'm sure that will often come up in recruitment interviews if I ever come back to eve =).
    I do wish you luck on your search but I do think it can be bad to have a bad alliance in corp history or bad corp in employment history. 'course if they don't want you because of that, they prolly weren't worth the time anyway, hmm...
    will go over your reasons one by one as well:
    1) Agreed, only did missions when I couldn't find something better to do.
    2) They were OK imo, but the rules of war in high-sec need a lot of work (neutral reppers, ...)
    3) hunt pirates ;-), join FW.
    4) if you think missions are boring you haven't done belt-ratting yet, oh my gawd =p
    5) CAN NOT ARGUE WITH THIS, hated allways being 2-3 guys and then getting hammered by 8+ (with 3 falcons).
    6) Good luck with this.