Thursday, September 17, 2009

Escape From Q-GQ

Continuing our sorid tale of betrayal and what it means to be told you're blue but not on Goons blue list from yesterday...

The corp had an immediate meeting right then and there as they rushed from ZLO back to Q-GQ. We had been fed a line of stories upon inquiring about joining TNT alliance and have been discovering one disappointment after another. To be frank, I was surprised they were able to hold space and not surprised that the Goon NAP Train turned on them. The strong and powerful often despise the weak.

Leadership decided to blow this popcycle stand. Plans for full evacuation were made and we decided to make an immediate run out right then and there with inital assets, including my precious Rokh Insisto Oblivium II.

One of our corp members had probed out a four wormhole space route from Wicked Creek to Etherium Reach only four jumps from low sec. We went that way, a fleet of about 8, slipping through the wormholes with adventure in our hearts and smiles on our faces. Yes, the alliance we joined was a complete disaster but the corp bonds were stronger than ever. Through the fire armies are forged.

We arrived in Etherium Reach and began to make our way through the quiet systems when we experienced severe node lag and incipient node crash. It was late and Derranna, who was ironically in the same area as she was half way to Wicked Creek in a Prowler to deliver carrier fuel, could scout me out the next day I decided. I logged and let the rest of the gang carry on in their smaller ships, safer without the slow Rokh holding them back.

* * * *

The next morning I logged in and the systems that were abandoned the night before were hoping with neutrals looking for things to kill. I made two jumps but it was fraught with danger and I decided to safe spot up my two characters and wait for the evening to try.

* * * *

The evening came and with only a couple disinterested neutrals in the 0.0 systems I was able to sneak the Rokh out and into a station in low sec. I had come so far (35 jumps through 0.0, 4 jumps through wormhole space, another 4 jumps through 0.0) that I didn't want to lose the Rokh on a run through pirate infested low sec during a busy evening. I waited until the morning before downtime to get the last four jumps through low sec and dock my sentimental ship in Teonusude.


Most of the corp is evacuated now and we're planning our next move. More on that as it develops.


  1. Anonymous11:16 am

    Looking forward to the next step, myself.

  2. Teon, eh? Lovely system that. I even have a jump clone 1 system away from there.

  3. why is your corp so frantic about finding a 0.0 alliance to join?
    2nd time it went sour iirc.
    And every time it adds another notch on your corp's alliance list of a failed alliance.

  4. To be fair, everyone assumed that TNT will get Wicked Creek and they will be getting that moon.

    it happens

  5. lets be fair the only reason TNT were blue to Goons and friends was due to copia the moment they went back on there promises that were made when cwra joined and then kicked them becuz they thru up a sink about it TNT was doomed