Friday, September 18, 2009

Sober Thoughts On New Sov Mechanics

Image courtesy of Dev Blog on Sisi testing schedule.

Known Mechanics:

- Claiming sov of a non-claimed system takes one "Claim Marker" and 24 hours to online.

- To make the "Claim Marker" vulnerable to attack, you need to disrupt its communications with the stargates of that system. You do this with Disruptors anchored and onlined at stargates which takes 12 hours to online.

- All stargates must be disrupted to make the Claim marker vulnerable.


- I hope these claim markers and disruptors have blueprints and can be manufactured.

- Systems with one stargate will be easy to remove sov from an enemy alliance. Conversely, systems with many stargates, i.e. hubs, will be harder to assault as the defenders only need to destroy one disruptor to stop the attack.

- I wonder what happens if the claim marker is vulnerable but before its destroyed the defenders destroy a disruptor? Does it switch immediately back to invulnerable?

- Depending on the hitpoints of disruptors and claim markers, this could either be better or worse than POS bashing and tower spamming. On the upside, claim markers may not have any defenses other than its vulnerable invulnerabilty and hitpoints.


  1. If you read the thread I think you will see that there is an error on the graph... maybe

  2. Anonymous11:13 am

    I'm a little concerned about the fact that hub systems look easier to defend than dead-ends. I need to go think about the implications of that a little more, but my first thought is "gah, and here I was hoping to keep a quiet little backwater system."