Monday, September 21, 2009

Update On Navy Scorp and Typhoon

I talked about the proposed Naval Scorpion and Typhoon last weeks but an update based on testing and feedback has been proposed:
Scorpion Navy Issue:

Slot layout: received an additional launcher slot (for a total of six)

Typhoon Fleet Issue:

Slot layout: weapon layout back to 4 turrets and 4 launchers, receives an additional low-slot instead (for a total of eight)
Ok, now that is a Navy Scorpion I can get behind. Missile firepower of a Raven with the tanking of a Rokh, that could be a fierce combination. As for the Typhoon change, I can't help but thinik its a step back but I'm not a Minmatar specialized pilot.


  1. More room for damage mods/tank is nice.
    It does sort of depend on what they are planning for minmatar in general, if they are gonna change anything to minmatar weapon situation. If nothing is gonna change a 5th launcher slot would be better then 8th low.

  2. "Missile firepower of a Raven with the tanking of a Rokh"