Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Navy Typhoon

With the recent announcements of changes to Pirate Faction ships, the Sov Mechanics, Titans and Motherships, my head is spinning.

I'm going to finish this review of the proposed Tier 1 Navy battleships and then take a break to absorb it all in.

So on with the Navy Typhoon:
Typhoon Fleet Issue:

Slot layout: 8 high, 4 med, 7 low, 5 turrets, 5 launchers
Fittings: 660 CPU, 13125 powergrid, 350 calibration, 3 rig slots
Hitpoints: +50% hit points on hull (9316), armor (9316) and shields (8203)*
• Dronebay increased by 25m3, bandwidth unchanged
Speed: +10% max velocity and agility increased by 10%
Sensor: +25% ladar sensor strength

* Standard Typhoon armor and shield values have been swapped as well

What we have here is no new fitting slots  but an extra hardpoint of each type, a decent boost to CPU and powergrid, and a lot more armour and shields with more emphasis on armour now. Combined with better speed and agility. The increase of drone space means that the Typhoon can now carry a full flight of heavies, mediums, and lights for maximum flexibility.

Overall its is a nice damn ship. It won't win any competitions for over poweredness but it will be very quick for a battleship and the increase of weapons using its damage bonus will be noticiable for pilots speciailizing in one type over the other.


  1. That's a nice ship. Though I think I'm even more excited for the navy dominix. It's about freaken time CCP released these ships.

  2. Nice ship but when I see the navy geddon it's weak. 4th mid is tottally awesome.
    though, ponders... nanophoon anyone?