Monday, September 21, 2009

The HICtor and the Rifter

Last night I logged in and pushed for a roam. I was eager for some action and with everything safely secured I figured it was time. The corp was full of eager people and we rallied up in Tash Murkon and headed out into the unknown.

Ok, not really unknown. We went into Domain low sec. But pretend its unknown.

We've been strictly following CVA's NRDS policy as we want to hang around Providence and perhaps make some political headway, so a lot of targets we had to ignore and a few reds were wise not to engage us. Two Mrymidons (including mine), Hurricane, Onyx, and a new corp member in a Rifter, we had a decent amount of firepower. Later on I brought in Derranna in a hastily constructed Rapier for tackling and scouting, deciding to work on my dual-boxing skills.

We had no luck or close encounters in low sec so we set course for Providence and jumped in.

A few jumps into 0.0 our forward scout reported an Ushra'Khan Ares interceptor warping to the gate we were on the other side of. "Bubble up!" called the Fleet Commander and HICtor pilot, and we were enveloped in its shimmering glaze. The gate flashed and we braced for the kill.

As the Ares materialized, our Rifter went in for the tackle before it could MWD out of the bubble. He got his Scrambler and a webber on it, killing any MWD and slowing its speed by at least half. I had Derranna throw her two 34km webs and a Disruptor on it just to be sure and then switched to Kirith but by the time he had locked it, the Ares was down.

We recorded the kill and the pod and cleaned up after ourselves. This was the first kill mail in M3 for our Rifter pilot Novon Toll (good work!) and this is the first kill mail ever where Derranna is on it and is not the victim. Woot!

We carried on deeper into Providence and our scout reported a Triumvirate pilot in the system ahead. Then as he continued scouting local count spiked with a lot more Tri pilots and he picked up what looked to be a big fight on a gate. I offered to send Derranna in with the Covert Ops cloak on the Rapier and was accepted. I approached the gate from a safe angle and saw about 10-15 hostile ships destroying a handful of other ships.

"Yeah, let's go back boys. I'm not putting us in the way of that!" our FC proclaimed. We rallied and warped back out the way we came, looking for more opportunities to kill but finding nothing more.

Not the most successful of roams, but enough to satisfy my bloodlust for one night and everyone got out alive.

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