Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Caldari Navy Scorpion

The Navy ships are getting a rework in Dominion and some new naval ships are being released, specifically the Tier 1 battleships: Dominix, Scorpion, Typhoon, and Armageddon.

I want to take a close look at the new Naval Scorpion.

Scorpion Navy Issue:

Slot layout: 7 high, 8 med, 4 low slots, 5 launchers, 4 turrets, 350 calibration, 3 rig slots
Fittings: 787 CPU, 10350 powergrid, 350 calibration, 3 rig slots
New bonuses: 5% bonus to cruise and siege launcher rate of fire and 5% shield resistances per level
Hitpoints: +50% hit points on hull (8203), armor (8203) and shields (9961)
• Dronebay unchanged next to standard hull
Speed: +10% max velocity
Sensor: +25% gravimetric sensor strength, -50 signature radius next to standard hull

My thoughts:
1)  Its a split weapon system with bonuses to missiles, or a low DPS missile ship (i.e. one launcher less than Raven). Either way, it sucks. I HATE split weapon system ships, and 5 launchers on a naval ship seems too low. Especailly since...

2) Its not an ECM ship, so what the hell does it need 8 mids for? Take two of those mids and give it one more launcher hardpoint to make it DPS equivalent to a Raven.

3) It has a Rokh-like tank. Its got almost the same in the way of shield points and the 5% per level resistance bonus. Even with only 6 mid slots it would be able to match the Rokh's tank. I shudder to think of the tank it could do with 8 slots.

4) On the other hand, the extra mid slots could be useful for electronic warfare, just not ECM. Warp Disruptors, Webbers, Target Painters... you could tank like the Rokh and tackle. Interesting concept.

So, my conclusion is that the CNS as it shall be known will have piss poor DPS but tank like a son of a bitch and still have tackle gear, a potentially interesting combination but not the one I would prefer.

My ideal CNS would have 6 launcher points, 6 mid slots, 4 or 5 lows, and the rest as above. The missle DPS of a Raven with the tank of a Rokh.

(I would like to see DPS numbers from a CNS with a couple hybrid weapons with the five launchers, but I don't hold much hope for it.)


  1. Anonymous11:06 pm

    Glad to see somebody digging into the bigger ships! Though I understand the Fleet Tempest (and possibly the regular version) are getting another look, based on dev responses in the thread.

  2. Well, Raven has as well 2 slots empty when you fit in all launchers. We name them utility slots and do not consider it split design.

  3. Agree with X1376 - The new CNS will probably be a PVP monster. Torps, Heavy Newts, Massive Tank, and EWAR mods (Scram, Web, Paint).. it doesn't sound that bad! :-)

    I love the ECM - but I guess I'll have to continue towards my Widow training for that 30% per lvl...

  4. Regarding high slots: While I like high slots for utility purposes as much as the next pilot, doesn't 5 bays seem low for a battleship, especially when its drone bay/bandwidth is only 75m3?

    That being said, I'm perfectly willing to be proven wrong here. Id love for a combat Scorpion, I'd just feel better if its DPS matched the basic Raven.

  5. Anonymous7:10 am

    Kirith...I agree with your take, but do you REALLY think they are going to give Caldari PvP ships...I for one think not. That doesn't mean the ship's cannot be setup to be absolutely mean as hell, but the SP needed to do this right...are high to say the least. Who knows what they are thinking with this ship seems well it seems the Typhoon of the Caldari fleet. I can say in every fleet fight I have been in the Typhoon is laughed at as being a split weapons platforms and only a fair one at that. I would like to know what role they think this ship would fill that one of it's better cousins doesn't?

  6. I'd like to see your thoughts on the other new navy bs especially the armageddon ni which I personally am really looiking foward to.

  7. I don't think this is going to be such of a boost when compared to the other race's changes.

    But at the same time I think the community will come up with some kind of niche for it, hopefully...

  8. I use this ship to run L4 missions and all I can say is It's AWSOME! I'd take this ship anyday over a Golem or a drake. In fact this thing is basically a drake on steroids.