Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And Then The Goon FC said "Bend Over..."

I logged in last night looking to join in a fleet to kill a small undefended tower near our space. I had finally gotten the Ninveah and its cargo of ships to Q-GQ so was lokign forward to some fleet action.

"Kirith, your carrier is in empire, right?"

"No," I tell my director, "I got it to Q-GQ last night."

"Well, get it out right now. Shit is hitting the fan."

Well it turns out that a large 300+ pilot Atlas (or AAA, not sure which, both are hostile) came down to our space and put our POS on a Dysprosium moon into reinforced. The general feeling is that our small alliance would not survive a full on attack by a major player and all high value assets needed to be secured in Empire space.

So I packed up the carrier and quickly made the two jumps to the waiting cyno back in Molden Heath. That taken care of, the order was to join into the Call To Arms fleet that was busy repairing the damaged tower in anticipation of a second wave. This time we had reports of a large Goonswarm and allied fleet coming to assist to repel the invaders. We're blue with Goons, xXDeathXx, Zenith Affinity, etc you see. Well, was, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

So everyone available clone jumps to Q-GQ and gets ready to join the fleet but I've got a quandry. All I left in Wicked Creed was my travel Tengu and it would not be a great help in the scheme of things for this operation. So my thoughts drifted to my last remaining asset deep in Etherium Reach region, tucked away in the DIZ station; my special Rokh, Insisto Oblivum II.

It got left behind when the call went out to evacuate during the fall of IRC and I couldn't repackage it and sell it when the dust settled because it means a lot to me. It was my second Rokh battleship (RIP Insisto Oblivum the first) and the one I ran many level four missions in. I came to age in that ship, I had to try and save it. And since we are (read: were) blue to xXDeathXx, now seemed the most opportune time.

I jumped to the clone I had left in that DIZ station and jumped into the Rokh. It was a sniper fit and no chance to refit for travel, so it felt like a suicide mission. Better to go out in a blaze of glory than to slink away and leave it rusting or worse, on the market.

It was 35 jumps to Q-GQ. I gulped and undocked.

I saw NO ONE for 20 jumps. Etherium Reach, The Spire, most of Insmother were empty, devoid of life, not a single soul. Desolate.

When I got to RA Prime in C-J I saw some (former) blues and emboldened by the success I carried on towards Wicked Creek. And that's when the shit hit the fan.

You see, while I was making my Epic journey through the wastelands, the rest of the m3 guys were in fleet. The Goons arrived and requested we take the cyno jammer offline so they could bring in carriers to rep the POS faster.

And then they turned on us. Scorpion, two Osprey, a Basilisk and a Thanatos were destroyed before they turned on our tower and removed it, replacing it with a Minor Threat tower.

Tomorrow I'll conclude our sorid tale.


  1. Anonymous8:59 am

    Doh - "Never trust a Goon" one of the harsher lessons to learn in Eve.

  2. Goons or not, they were blue to each other. Alliances don't do that lightly.

    Getting stabbed in the back sucks!

  3. That just sucks. Stupid Goons -_-

  4. Sounds like Goon is becoming the new BOB, making enemies out of friends. Makes one wonder how long they have before they piss off all of 0.0

  5. thats sucks... look at it this way... that moon is in your space and you guys can reinforce it every other day and deny any income for them.

    Wait till Dominion comes.. those moons will not be printing isk every hour

  6. you're not blue to goons

  7. Well, yeah we knew we weren't on that webpage but our alliance leadership and diplomats assured us we were blue with goons. And goons acted like it up until last night. So, what can you do?

  8. auch, at least you didnt pull out in the ninveah!

  9. <- if you're not blue there you're not blue. Of course they turned on you, that's what goons do.

    Hopefully the Dominion expansion will bring more wiggle room in 0.0, aside from a nerf for the high-end moons.