Monday, September 14, 2009

Navy Dominix

Continuing the series of reviewing the proposed new Navy battleships, we are going to look at the new Navy Dominx.

Dominix Navy Issue:

Slot layout: 6 high, 6 med, 7 low slots, 6 turrets, no launchers
Fittings: 660 CPU, 9900 powergrid, 350 calibration, 3 rig slots
Hitpoints: +50% hit points on hull (9961), armor (9316) and shields (8203)
Capacitor: +5% max capacitor (5250 capacitor, 1087.5s recharge)
• Dronebay increased by 25m3, bandwidth unchanged
Sensor: +25% magnetometric sensor strength

Overall, this change is unexciting to me. While the big improvement in hitpoints is welcome and more capacitor is nice, the ship does not boast an improved DPS at all, and the extra mid slot is of utility value at most.

Don't get me wrong, the Dominix is a fearsome beast capable of lots of different roles and the Navy Dominix is even more fearsome with a huge hitpoint boost. Its just not probably worth the large price tag this sucker is going to have compared to the plain jane Domi. I'm expecting at least 10x the price right now.

Tomorrow, the Typhoon Navy Issue.


  1. Seen the proposed pirate faction ship changes?

    Gonna need to do more than 1 a day to catch up now, methinks ;)

  2. Good luck convincing the navy domi pilot that his epic shield tanked domi with 3 MFS, 6 turrets, and 5 ogres does the same dps as the standard domi :P