Thursday, July 09, 2009

Turning Tables

A couple weeks ago I pointed out that Red Alliance was in a failure cascade. Considering how much the situation has changed since then, I figured it was only fair to revisit the issue with a new post.

Let's look at DOTLan maps once more for Red Alliance:

The precipitous drop from their internal strife appears to be levelling out, they've retaken 688T-Z system and station in Etherium Reach and, with IRC and Ethereal Dawn being forced out of Etherium Reach by allies of RA, they have hope of taking more space and assets in that region. In other words, I predict that RA is at the end of their cascade and is in the process of turning things around.

Now, let's look at IRC:

A drop in membership, corporations, outposts, and sovreignty. And much more to come. I have to face facts, its the beginning of a failure cascade and the only question of how far will it go and will the alliance bounce back. M3 is betting that it will and I'm very willing to go along with that bet for now. After all, the other option is to go back to cooling our heels in Empire again and that is not any fun.

My only regret about the time in IRC so far has been all the effort I spent doing logistics to get our corp settled and established in Etherium Reach over the month of June. I didn't have any time to rat or make ISK, and probably lost money due to the fuel bills that were mostly covered by corp payments. I hope the next 0.0 space we inhabit gives me more time for enjoying the fruits of 0.0 space.

(I expect a Goon to drop by and comment to the effect that "IRC will never hold space again... BWHAHAHAHAHAHHA!")

I admit some curiousity on how the stations in Etherium Reach will be divied up by the conquerers. With xXDeathXx claim all the IRC ones, or will some Northern Coalition alliances move in? Time will tell.


  1. IRC will never hold space again... BWHAHAHAHAHAHHA!

    Oh.... wait.

  2. how many corps are going stay in IRC? I'm just curious ( i have no affiliations with NC+goon nap train).

    I was also reading that IRC leaders stopped logging in... is this true as well?

  3. No comment at this point. :)

  4. This has Nothing to do with you or your corporation, but in my experience IRC have a history of fouling their own bed. I hope you get settled soon but it might be a bit of a challenge.

  5. I'm an ED member, been following your blog via the Capusuleer app on my iphone.

    Can't speak for IRC or ED, I'm just a grunt, but we seem to be holding up fine. But then again we've been in "siege" mode longer given that they were in our space for 4 months trying to take it.

    Best to you, best to IRC, and keep up the good blog!

  6. i think you guys would have survived if bob stayed in 0.0. With them gone, its easy for goon et al to come at you with full force. Even if you survived first few waves.. you had no chance because it would have been hard to stand against full force of NC, PL, Russians and goons.

    I know lot of people comment about IRC leadership or lack thereof but i have no idea how most alliances work so i wont say much :)

  7. Sorry to read this. Just last week I thought that RA was no mare based on your previous post followed by a comment from Manasi in his blog 5 days ago. It is definitely interesting how tide changes so quick in this game.

    As a previous post mentioned, it was probably unavoidable just comparing the number of pilots in each side. Without any friends that can come out in force it was just meant to happen.

    Hopefully you can move all your stuff out safely.