Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Problem With Killboards

Every alliance has a killboard. It can be a useful tool for tracking progress of campaigns and identifying people who need help with their setups.

But the problem with killboards is that they don't necessarily reflect reality. Take for example my stats on the m3 corp killboard and the IRC alliance killboard.

Kirith Kodachi @ m3 killboard
Kills:17Real kills:17
Losses:1Real losses:1
Damage done:469.46MDamage received:5.9M
Kill Ratio:17 : 1Efficiency:98.76%

Kirith Kodachi @ IRC killboard
Real kills:9
Damage done (ISK):1.5B
Damage received (ISK):0.34B
Chance of enemy survival:50%
Pilot Efficiency (ISK):81.58%

On the m3 killboard I have only 1 loss while I have 9 losses reported on the IRC killboard. That's a huge discrepancy; am I not reporting losses? Take a look. They are all from March 2008 or earlier, including my first ever ship loss of a Cormorant in October of 2006. None of the killmails are from a time I was actually in m3 corp much less IRC alliance. On the other side of the coin, the IRC killboard doesn't have a lot of the kills I was part of while I was in m3 but not in IRC.

These old killmails show up because IRC killboard used to autosynch with other alliance killboards. Hence getting old unrelated killmails. Even the m3 killboard has issues: the two latest POS kills are duplicated and a third one is as well.

So what's the truth? Am I a fierce 17:1 killer or a 9:9 hapless pvper? The answer is inbetween the two numbers and depends on what set of data you want to look at. Suffice to say I try hard to fly the best ship and equipment I can afford in the most befitting manner when online. What more can a pilot do?


  1. Well, I typically consult public killboards which pull mails from multiple killboards

  2. You have 17 kills? In how long of a period of time? You need to go peeveepee more!

  3. This is exactly the reason I plan on keeping my own personal killboard :D I know those stats will be correct :)

  4. @Derek: That Battleclinic killboard appears most accurate, although that second from the top tower kill is a duplciate of the one just below it. :(

    @Spectre: Yeah, my life schedule and chosen career path leaves little time for quick PvP. It sucks but I make do.

    @Cyber: As long as you get killmails from people you fly with and get the final blow on targets. :)