Friday, July 17, 2009

Ok, This Is Insane

I started my commodities trading on Monday with 791 million ISK and a general thought of "let's turn it into more ISK". With about 30 minutes of effort (spread in several ~5 minute chunks) for 4 days I've turned it into 934 million ISK, about 18% profit return.

Holy crap. I'm flabbergasted. I mean, I knew I could turn a profit but I did not expect it to be so much so fast. It does help that I have lots of ISK to start with but at this rate I will have doubled my money in about 23 days.

So the real question everyone wants to know is how long would it take to turn 100 million ISK at 18% return every four days into a billion ISK? 10 billion? 50? Well, let me put it this way... in two months it would be over a billion, four months would net you 14 billion, and in one year it would grow to 347 TRILLION ISK.

Now, I'll gladly acknowledge that my experience may not be typical. Perhaps the market is particularly hot or maybe my competition is slow on the draw this week. But still, this is the easiest ISK I've made in Eve.


  1. lol I've NEVER been able to figure out the market *sighs*

  2. same here... tried several time... maybe i wasnt using the right programs... i dont know... hopefully Kirith will write a good simple guide.

    Cmdr GAT

  3. Anonymous11:38 am

    I think part of the how probably lies in those Trade skills that so many of us ignore.

  4. Oh yeah its the easiest way to make isk. But don't kid yourself that your performance at the start can be extrapolated to what you make when you have 10s of billions of isk. As you start to saturate your markets you find that new isk markets become harder to exploit to the same degree and rather than 18% / 4 days you may find that its closer to 8 or 9 %. I currently average 1.5% per day but this is on tens of billions of isk so that amounts to hundreds of millions / day.

    BTW you should check out the eve program called EMMA on the forums. Its a great way to track your isk making progress. It cost 100 mill but its well worth it imho. Anyways good luck!

  5. The biggest problem with maintaining growth over time is that you've got to constantly expand your market area. There's a relatively easy solution to that, though: jump clones.

    I imagine setting one in four or so busy sections of Empire could cut it.

    Plus it's like any other investment portfolio; you have to stay diversified.

  6. I admit I've gone for hyperbole in this post. No one is going to make 347 trillion isk in a year from 100 million. I'm just shocked at the success I have had so far.

  7. An EVE Online player called Prisen, wrote a series of articles about trading.

    With the right skills you can buy and sell anything in an entire region without leaving your home station...

    The Search For More Money - Part 1

    The Search For More Money - Part 2

    The Search For More Money - Part 3

    The Search For More Money - Part 4

    The Search For More Money - Part 5

    I started with 50000 ISK, and with the help of the guides, I now double my money every week or so on my alt with about an hour a days work.