Friday, July 17, 2009

Ok, This Is Insane (Not!)

Ok, I admit I went into hyperbole last post about the potential profits of trading. No one is going to make 347 million ISK from 100 million by trading for a year.

As MarvinDaMart said:
Oh yeah its the easiest way to make isk. But don't kid yourself that your performance at the start can be extrapolated to what you make when you have 10s of billions of isk. As you start to saturate your markets you find that new isk markets become harder to exploit to the same degree and rather than 18% / 4 days you may find that its closer to 8 or 9 %. I currently average 1.5% per day but this is on tens of billions of isk so that amounts to hundreds of millions / day.

BTW you should check out the eve program called EMMA on the forums. Its a great way to track your isk making progress. It cost 100 mill but its well worth it imho. Anyways good luck!
The point is, every market has a sweet spot where beyond that the more you invest the lower the return. You can't buy more items than people are selling and you can't sell more items than people are willing to buy. Plus, competition from other traders cuts margins, as do game mechanic changes, market fluctuations, etc.

My last post should have had a disclaimer about these facts but I was a little too "in the moment" while writing it, drooling at the thought of buy a few dozen Wyverns for use (ignoring the fact you can't dock them). ;)

Still, there is money to be made by the patient and the clever. I recommend giving it a try.


  1. Anonymous1:30 pm

    bahh a lil hyperbole never hurt anyone...concern yourself not of the ravings of madmen :)

  2. Hmm, I mostly make my money by scamming people (renamed ships & trade windows)... Though I'm getting rather bored of it.

    Would you mind divulging some tips for me?

  3. Whenever you are bored, just type the following phrase

    "If I mined the minerals the cost to me is zero, therefore I undercut all the rest of u!"

    And you'll freak out at least a dozen market traders:)

  4. I have said this in an earlier post but will repeat...

    An EVE Online player called Prisen, wrote a series of articles about trading.

    With the right skills you can buy and sell anything in an entire region without leaving your home station...

    The Search For More Money - Part 1

    The Search For More Money - Part 2

    The Search For More Money - Part 3

    The Search For More Money - Part 4

    The Search For More Money - Part 5

    I started with 50000 ISK, and with the help of the guides, I now double my money every week or so on my alt with about an hour a days work.