Friday, July 17, 2009

Angel Extravaganza

Last night I was watching TV with the wife and the laptop and everything in Eve was in order: no industry this week while I played with the markets, market orders were all up to date, and all my stuff was in the right stations. I had about an hour to blow and several options, but a few of the options worked best if I was using two clients and the laptop's graphics card was not usually up to that task, and since I don't like PvPing while distracted I decided to do a mission.

I haven't done a mission in months, solo or in a gang. It would be nice change of pace to see how the Nightmare holds up in a short mission, I thought to myself. So I jumped in the Draconis Diabolic and flew to my old haunts in Molden Heath. I haven't been back here since mid last year. Feels good, like a favourite shirt.

I talked to my old level four agent in the Republic Fleet and he seems all happy to see me again. Of course, I can tell his true feelings by the mission he assigned to me: Angel Extravaganza, one of the longest missions you can get. Sigh. I fucking hate that guy.

So I head out and battle the Angels once more. The Nightmare performed very nicely indeed. Its 20K shield points proved a nice buffer that meant I rarely needed to run the Shield Booster, and the cap was stable to about 75% when the booster was off even with weapons and hardeners running. What this meant was that I could pulse the booster every once in a while and then have the cap regenerate on its own in between pulses. And the DPS this thing throws melted most of the Angel rats in short order like blasters would but at much more flexible ranges. P.S. I love how switching crystals is instantaneous, my god, that is so handy.

I finished the first two rooms before heading off to bed, and this morning before heading to work I cleared the rest. The only time I had trouble was when the Gist Saint battleships would maintain range of about 32-33 kilometers and force me to use my Standard crystals instead of Multi-frequency ones to hit him.

I got a nice chunk of change and a hardwiring implant for afterburner speed or duration, I can't remember which. Here are some pictures of the proceedings:

Yeah, I like my new ship. :)

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  1. AE is easy bro, just use your new Nighthawk!

    The Nightmare is total overkill, and look, with the lasers they were out of range, but with missiles... No problem ;)