Monday, July 13, 2009


When I lamented my embarrassment of riches last week ReatuKrentor commented:
Use money to make more money? then when you have more money use it to make a lot of money? then upgrade the Ninveah to a mom? jus'sayin'
Sigh. It would be the responsible thing to do. Even if I don't go for a Wyvern so I'm not trapped in a Mothership all the time, I could build up a nice bank account in case I ever need to purchase the Ninveah II. And I do have a lot of ships in my hanger already.

I've done commodities trading on a small scale (i.e. in the hundreds of millions) before and made a nice little profit at it. I think its time I tried it again on a larger scale and see if I can't turn my ISK into something more formidable.

But I'll do that after I setup my new ships.


  1. What does commodities trading involve? Moving masses of otherwise useless materials from one end of the universe to another?

  2. Commodities trading is what I call the activity of buying stuff for the express purpose of reselling at a higher price, typically in the same system.

  3. yeah, well at least you make some ISK, i'm pretty "poor" at that sort of stuff :-)

    Of course it's a game, it shouldn't become a job. Still I'm allways annoyed I'm perpetually low on ISK XD. average of 400M in a personal wallet(economy devblog says so), not in my wallet though :-(

  4. Ah, so just running the market. I've done that on a small scale.

    I was perturbed someone under-priced some ammo I'd made so I bought their lot and re-sold it at my price (as well as saturating the market in a 3-jump radius with my own product at varying prices).

    Worked like a charm, but it can be costly especially with big-ticket items.