Thursday, March 05, 2009

E-ON Award Voting Closed

The voting for the E-ON 2008 awards has been closed and we're promised results soon (tm).

After I first heard I was nominated for writer of the year, I spent the next week or so after that looking over every post I wrote and asking myself "is this worthy of Writer of the Year awards?" but then I realized I was being stupid. Whatever will be will be and I don't plan to change my writing style or blog content based on whether or not I want to win an award.

It was nice to be recognized though. When I hear the results I'll post them here of course.


  1. Do you have any idea who nominates for these awards? Who runs E-ON magazine? I am kind of in the dark about how and by whom E-ON is written and published.

  2. If you read through the thread on the General Discussion forum, you'll see there is a group of Eve people that nominate a bunch each and the final nominees are the wons with most "votes". I think Winterblink had a post on it, or Mansai.