Thursday, March 05, 2009

Holding Pattern

I wanted to get Derranna and Kirith out of wormhole space last night but probing was borked in that build causing a crash to desktop for me so I'll have to do it tonight. I want to get out and go back in with the Cerberus to see how it holds up.

Back on Tranquility server, the first 3 Onyxes went into production and are due out late tonight. Then I went on a skill buying spree for Derranna as I realized she could not use any drones despite having Drones V. So with four days of training she will be able to use Light combat drones and medium armour repair drones, perfect for the 75 m3 of the exploration Orca. She's almost done her navigation skill training so I bought a bunch of basic shield skills for her next component.

Apocrypha is coming....

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