Friday, March 06, 2009

Looking For Exit

Back on the test server, I decided to investigate asteroid fields before leaving my little corner of wormhole space. They are all moved to Cosmic Signatures in w-space, gravimetric group. I had also heard that belts had weak Sleeper spawns so I wanted to see them and compare to the Cosmic Anomaly Sleepers if there were any.

I hypothesized that since asteroid belts were supposed to be low end exploration sites, they would have the higher signal strengths on initial scans. It didn't take me long to track down one gravimetric signal and warp in on it to find some 'roids but no rats.

As you can see, pretty uninspiring asteroids which leads me to be more convinced that this w-space system is in the shallow end of the pool in terms of difficulty which is not surprising since I entered it from high sec space.

I scanned down a second asteroid belt and saw much the same thing. So I decided to look for a wormhole back to known space... and that is when things got a little frustrating.

First off, there are a lot of cosmic signatures per system in w-space. See the picture below? Either 17 or 18 hits (two have duplicated signal strength leading me to believe its one site hit by only three probes).

Now we know that wormholes are in Cosmic Sig sites of group "Unknown" but you don't see the group until you get the signal strength above 25% which means you have to get pretty darn close to the hit with low range probes.

I spent the part part of half an hour or more trying to find an Unknown signal, but I think I made some mistakes in the process and ended up scanning down the same gravimetric and Ladar sites that I never bother visiting so I didn't realize I was coming back to them in the close confines of the inner system. If you actually warp in on a site it put a tag in the solar system map for future reference and a beacon I think... must double check that.

So I am literally lost in space. Kind of cool actually.

So I'll have to give it another go this weekend and learn from my mistakes, try different things, and see if I can't get an exit in less time. Hopefully I find an exit back to high sec space but right now I'll take what I can get.

Oh, I almost forgot: while I was scanning for a wormhole I was sitting in the second asteroid belt I had scanned down and what spawned on top of me? Sleepers! So they do visit the asteroid belts, good news! It was a spawn of a cruiser and three frigates so smaller than the easy Cosmic anomaly which means more soloable content. Don't know if it would escalate to a bigger spawn if wiped but definitely good news regardless.

* * * * *

Bonus Picture: one of my new Orge IIs orbiting the brave Dominix battleship Hudson.

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  1. Very nice. I love the "oh, crap my pants, how do I get home?" feel.

    Saw this today and thought to share it:

    It's an HD video of a small gang of (mostly) Domis taking on a site. Nice footage, really. It also demonstrates that spider-tanking (and drones) can work.