Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Skills Update

I haven't blathered about my skills in a while and since I'm feeling a tad under the weather and work is too busy to go to Jiu Jitsu class, I figured a post was in order.

Historic landmark in skill training today! Kirith is finishing his basic Carrier training with the completion Capital Energy Emission Systems IV. This is the third and final milestone on the carrier training path, with Feb 7, 2007 being the point I announced my intention to train for a carrier and July 18, 2008 marking the point I could actually sit in the ship. Here we are almost two years later and I'm just about done. Phew! To be fair, I had a few side trips in there for tech II rails and blasters, shield mods, overheating, etc, but you get the gist of it: capital ship training is long haul only.

Next step is the Winter Training Plan coupled with a couple weeks of Gallente cross training to get access to the Gallente battleships: Dominix, Megathron, and Hyperion. Especially the Dominix for a cheap PvP battleship platform since the Scorpion is very role specific and Raven too expensive for my goals.

Meanwhile, a friend asked if I could build an Amarr Redeemer Black Ops battlehship and I agreed to it depsite the lack of Amarr Starship Engineering skill. I bought it and I'm working it up to IV this week as a break from the leadership skills I've been beavering on for a while now.


  1. Once I'm good and set with T2 ships and support skills, instead of going capital I'm going to extend from pure Minmatar to Gallente and Caldari. Once everything is in place such an expansion will come with a minimal of havok.

  2. Holy bejeebers, two long years! You are a well deserved pilot to fly the Chimera!

    I currently fly the Domi and it is the most powerful ship in my fleet. Hope I can get a review up soon. Quite enjoyable sitting at 50km-150km shooting with sentries :)

    Keep it up!