Thursday, December 04, 2008

Winter Skill Training Plan

Life has been busy so I haven't had a lot of time to log in and fly around pew-pewing stuff. Very frustrating but I hope for some action tonight depending on how much the wife grumps when I stay up later. Sigh.

Anywhoo, those that can't play, plan! EveMON, where would I be without you?

My current Carrier training plan finishes around January 26th and I've decided to spend the rest of the winter getting some miscellaneous skill sets completed.

- Tech II Remote Sensor Boosters

- Tech II Heavy Drones, Caldari, Gallente, and Minmatar

- Improve Repair Drone and Sentry Drone abilities

- Improve Booster skills so I can use from Boosters comfortably in the Chimera

- Improve Nanite Repair paste abilities (just because I really like the idea)

- Tech II Target Painters and improved skills

All told that's ~72 days training most of which is skills that are less than 4 days long. In fact, only Heavy Drone Operation at 19 days is the big one on the list. When spring rolls around, I'll be ready for the next big project.


  1. So, what does Nanite Repair paste do?

    Thanks in advance :D

  2. Anonymous6:30 pm

    If you overload a module, the heat will damage the modules. Nanite Repair paste allows you to repair them without docking. Great for when you are out roaming.

  3. @anonymous

    Woah! That is cool! Thanks for the info.