Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ratting Cerberus

Here is the Cerberus I snuck into 0.0 before downtime today.

(Click to Embiggen)

I like it a lot for belt work: decent DPS with T1 ammo, fast and agile like a cruiser yet tanks like a battlecruiser, cap stable, decent range. Sometimes if I'm feeling nervous I can fit a cloaking device instead of tractor beam and that allows me to hide when hostiles come into system.


  1. Nice. I spotted you in one of my usual haunts last night, I was all "Ooh, a famous person in my system", and then I had to wrack my brains to work out if you were one of the piratey people or one of the not so piratey people. And then I wasn't sure but gave you the benefit of the doubt :)

    I read all these different peoples' blogs but so rarely actually 'see' them for 'real'!

  2. lol thanks for the benefit of the doubt! I know what you mean though... a lot of bloggers hang out in Minmatar space so when I was over there I would see them and get all fanboy, waving and saying hi and such. One time I was in the Eve Bloggers channel and saw Winterblink there and just about fainted ;)

  3. Haha, I was scanned down in a deadspace pocket and killed by Flashfresh and his little gang once, long before I even knew people kept eve-blogs. 'Celebrity' is an amusing concept :)

  4. Any particular reason why you go with the Heavy Assaults and standard Heavies? Running Scourge through five Malkuths I'm showing a volley damage of 1570 for me (1629 for All V) as opposed to your 1066.

    I don't know if I trust EFT's range numbers, though. It's showing a max range of 143,325 km (18.2 s flight time * 7875 velocity) which is plain insane for a heavy missile lobbed from a cruiser. Targeting is good (for me) at 96km, and if the range were to hold true it makes the Cerebrus a pretty deadly ship at a good range.

  5. fst: The volley may be more, but the rate of fire is higher leading to more DPS. With five HMLs I get a DPS of 275, far less than the DPS of 352 with HAMs.

    Range of a Cerberus is INSANE. Its the missile sniper. :) It can easily reach out to that far with HMLs.

  6. Anonymous9:32 pm

    You're right about the HMLs v the HAMs. I hadn't taken DPS into account. (Added to the fact that I've not trained HAMs yet, but that's not the point ...)

    In re-running then numbers (and faking myself to L3 in HAMs via EFT) the DPS jumps from 207 to 283. Not a bad punch.

    I'm in the midst of training for the T2 lasers atm, but I think after that I'll buy the HAM booklet, get it to at least 3 (though I've been on a "if-you-bother-then-go-to-4" trend lately) and then shape up my ECM skills.

    Your other piece on ECMs made me realize not just how fragile my Falcon really is, but how much stronger it could be with a scant amount of training.