Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Skill Suprise

For my winter training plan I needed to buy four new skill books.

Signal Suppression... done.

Nanite Interfacing... done.

Nanite Control.... what the heck? Not only is it not available on market, but the buy orders are outrageous. Oh well, I'll check in Amarr. Next!

Neurotoxin Recovery... ok, its not available either. With a sinking feeling in my stomach I jump over to the nearest hub and confirm my suspicions.

Both Nanite Control and Neurotoxin Recovery are skills related to illegal Boosters. The thing with boosters is that a lot of the skills and materials can only be found in non-standard sources: exploration sites and pirate loyalty stores. These skill books must be included in that list and hence the supply is extremely limited. Since they both reduce the possible side effects when using boosters, the demand is high amoung booster users.

So I've removed them from the list until they can be purchased in the future.

In the meantime, back on the plan. I've been knocking off as many short skills as I can to reduce the plan from many entries down to a shorter list of items of multiple days. It feels like faster progress that way. During the day I work on a short skill or two and overnight I am working on Heavy Drone Operation IV and V to get those tech II heavy drones I need for flying Dominixs and Megathrons now.

Meanwhile, over in Derranna-Land I'm over halfway through Cybernetics V for the mining foreman implant.

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