Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Station Games

Last night I logged in for about 40 minutes, enough to stretch out in the pod and check the evemail... and *almost* get in on a kill.

As I checked the mail the alliance chat blinked. "Anyone want to get this war target?"

Apparently a war target was lounging in Ordat camping the IAC station with his Deimos Gallente heavy Assault Cruiser in hopes of catching one of us unawares. Only one war target in a cruiser? This seems like a job for the Gank Falcon!

Gank Falcon - four ECM mods, AB, Web, and Scram in the mids. Two Heavy Neutron Blasters and a HAM in the highs, damage mods in lows. Great for sneaking up on and killing cruisers and smaller.

As I warped in a fleet formed to try and take him and I joined in. We then spent the next ten minutes trying to bait him into a trap and just when we thought we had him, he escaped. I'm not sure, but I think our bait ship lacked a point to put on him. If true... *forehead slap*

We had hopes we could still get him, but another wartarget logged in and undocked in his Thanatos carrier. Uh oh. They've baited us before, using the carrier as a solid base to throw ourselves on. We know engaging capital ships on the station undock ramp is fruitless but we love fighting so much we don't always listen to our own advice.

Fortunatly the gang I was in was not so foolish to tangle with the carrier when it was obviously safely in re-docking range. We camped the area for a while, but the Deimos enemy did not give us a chance to get him before I logged.

On the upside, my alliance did get it later.

(I know I know, sad excuse for a PvP post... I hope for more action later this week)

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