Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This and That

I haven't been playing much lately. Real life has been especially busy and the hoped-for game time last weekend was dashed when the mother-in-law never came to visit. Still, I hope to get a block of time to login in either tonight or tomorrow night.

I went and bought the Navy Raven I was talking about on Monday. Got it for 289 million which I thought was a great price considering these things used to cost minimum 800 million a year or so ago. The Loyalty Point stores feature really burst that damn open. Now if only CPP would get off their asses and let these faction ships show on the market instead of contracts only.

I've been a regular headhunter lately, recruiting two ex-Strife members into m3 Corp and courting a third. I've been selective of the former Strife Mercenaries I approach because I know some of them, while still great guys, would not be able to handle the anit-pirate stance and NRDS; they are simply too trigger happy. Also some of them are too restless to handle the slow pace of development in the corp and alliance. They like to rush in head first to the next challenge and that is partly what helped to kill us last year.

Derranna got the Datacores and Decrpytors and put 7 invention tries for Onyx BPCs in the oven, expected out in two days.

Korannon finally finished his travels of Domain region picking up all those minerals I inadvertantly purchased last year. His Assets list is now nice and clean.

In skill training updates Derranna completed the leadership training for installing Mining Foreman links on the Orca and is now working towards the skills for the Mining Foreman Implant. Kirith completed training for installing the Captial Energy Transfer module and is now in a month and a bit of getting skills up to level IV for better performance.

Finally, this is post 984 and coincendently my blog will be four years old this coming February 21st. My first post had the subject "Why?" and the content was "because I can." Ah brevity, my forgotten talent. Anyways, with Christmas holidays coming up my time for blogging might be sparse so I have doubts I'll post 16 more times before I go on blogging vacation. I am planning some sort of contest or lottery to celebrate post 1000 and 4 year anniversary so keep watching this space!


  1. Hey congrats on:
    - Getting close to 4000 posts, that's a lot!
    - 5 years of EVE
    - Your success
    - A happy new year!

    I think I might hold a little contest too for one year, almost 100 post for me :P

    Hope you have a merry and jolly holidays!

  2. Anonymous7:41 am

    have a good holiday kirith and whats this you say a possible contest?? cant wait!!


  3. Anonymous1:12 pm

    I wan to be courted :0