Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Shiny!

Over at Morphisat's Blog he reports a new toy, a Caldari Navy Raven battleship:

And here it is. I finally bought a Navy Raven. Always thought it was a little too expensive, but now that the prices have dropped below 300mil (!), I just had to get one ;).

It looks nicer than the run of the mill Raven, and adds a bit of DPS with it’s seventh missiles launcher. Also it provides more of a buffer as it has a lot more shields ! You do go through ammo pretty fast now though, good thing I can build my own missiles !

At a price point below 300 million, I'm thinking of getting one for mission running and then turn the Insisto Oblivum II Rokh Battleship into a second PvP ship so that the Vera Causa doesn't have to switch mods so often.

Here's a quick EFT comparison:

As you can see, the Rokh can get more raw damage with my skills, but the CNR has better defence, cap management, and drone bay along with the fact that it can choose damage types to deal unlike the rails being locked to Thermal and Kinetic. And as I improve my missile skills for the Dreadnought, the CNR will increase damage as well.

So next time I have a spare 300 million, I'm going to pick me up one of these.

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