Friday, October 24, 2008

Rectifying Mistakes

Early last year I was making stuff. I decided I needed a lot of cheap minerals to increase margins. I was working in Domain region at the time so I set up buy orders for minerals at lower prices. Minimum amount 1. Distance? Region wide.

You can imagine what happened. A week later I checked and saw that I had assets everywhere in Domain, the largest region in New Eden with about 180 systems. Some stations had less than 50 units of Trit. I tried to collect it up and found after one constellation it took too much time. SO I left it.

Here I am almost two years later and I figured it was time to get rid of that annoyingly filled up assets screen with its 50 entries or so. I jumped into a shuttle, picked the closest station, and off I went.

Of course the character that has all these minerals, Korannon, does not have remote selling. Hence the travel. Sigh.

I cleaned up about 15 entries this evening in between housework and such.

Sigh. Never again.


  1. Honestly, I'd say you should just trash most of the stuff. Came to that conclusion myself after a similar experience.

  2. Anonymous2:03 am

    Hahaha, you've nowexperienced that too. That makes my own painful experience less painful :)
    How you find some way to get everything!

  3. Anonymous5:16 am

    My old Corp used to buy stuff like that in Metropolis lowsec and then pay newbs like me to round it all up in exchange for free stuff in 0.0.

  4. Been there, only with cap boosters and a couple of other mods that I calculated could be bought cheaply and melted quite profitably. What a pain!