Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tonight, I Mean It!

Still no luck logging on last night, Twin A was being a brat and not going down to sleep peacefully as is his role in life.

I did log in to change a skill and just missed a big battle in Sukanan in which our alliance and some friendlies laid the smackdown on a hostile fleet. A couple interesting things to note in this battle:

1) We killed a faction fitted Navy Raven.

2) The Megathron we lost might have survived had it not been the victim of friendly fire (the Abaddon getting second most damage on it was a friendly).

3) Apparently, they jump bridged four falcons into the battle from a Black Ops. If so, this is a powerful example of the strategic value of a Black Ops battleship in which you surprise an enemy: he thinks the surrounding systems are clear of hostiles and engages, then you drop reinforcements from 5 light years away. Fortunately for us in this battle, they did not turn the tide.

This last point makes me wonder if I should get the Black Ops training in February before the winter plan.

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