Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Apparently They ARE Paying Attention

Back at the beginning of December I mentioned how my industrial corp, Insisto Armamentarium (INSAR), had been war dec'd by an alt corp called Kirith Kodachi's Fan Club (KKFC), presumably a font for FINEG to try and annoy me. I dropped Derranna from the corp as she was the only valuable member and carried on with my life with little bother.

Well, on Dec 19th the war came to an end and figuring they got bored with paying for a meaningless war, I put Derranna back into the corp. Well, this morning I got the message from CONCORD telling me that INSAR has been war dec'd again by my very own stalker corp. An early Christmas present to be sure.

Anyways, Derranna's roles have been dropped and she will be safe from any surprise attacks once again, and whoever is behind KKFC can waste more ISK paying to upkeep the war again.

* * * * *
In industrial news, the Onyx sold for a really nice price of over 99 million (which translates to over 20 million profit even at higher material costs) and I was able to buy the parts for the 110 Invulnerability fields and another Onyx build. Should have them on market after Christmas.

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