Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Back In the Tribe

Derranna dropped from Insisto Armamentarium last night into the NPC corporation called Seibestor Tribe (or something like that), one of the Minmatar catch groups. This way she avoids the war declaration from Kirith Kodachi's Fan Club and can carry on her merry way with my industrial activities.

Currently I have sold the 100 invulnerability fields for a gross of 160 million, and the Large Shield Extenders are about 20% sold.

Next manufacturing project is to build four Basilisk Logistics cruisers, and 20 Mining Drone IIs from two BPCs I got from a Chribba "love can" last winter. I'm also doing a test run to buy the salvage parts for 10 Capacitor Control Circuit rigs and sell them for profit.

Finally, I've decided to make use of my bulk of isk and begin commodities trading by buying low and selling high. No point in 700 million ISK sitting doing nothing, right? The new goal is to see if I can get to 2 billion ISK by new years.


  1. Anonymous3:23 pm

    I've never commented on your blog before, but I've read it for quite a while.

    I am trying to get started in manufacturing and industry. I've read the guides and know what skills to train, how to calculate profit etc, and I come from a RL business background. My question is what is the most effective way to do market research? There are hundreds or thousands of high end products and components to make, so what is the most efficient way to get started researching those?


  2. Wow, good question. If you find out the answer, will you let me know too? LOL

    Just kidding. I've personally found the items I like to invent/build through trial and error: looking at the build material requirements, calculating the cost, and then checking the market in several hubs to see the margins.

    I hear tell of programs and spreadsheets made by those _really_ into Eve's manufacturing side of things. Search the Eve-Online forums for the Science and Industry forum. There is a lot of useful information to get you started and programs to download like mCalc IIRC.

    General rule of thumb to get started with: Tech I manufacturing has terrible profit margins for the most part because minerals and blueprints are easy to get and almost anyone can build them. But there is profit to be made by the patient and diligent.

    If you want to chat in more detail, email me at