Monday, December 01, 2008

Two Wars Is Not Enough

I logged in Friday night and what do I find in my inbox? A War Declaration against my industrial corp Insisto Armamentarium.

What's that corp name again?

Ok, I'm sensing this is not a random war dec then. Let's see how many war targets I need to watch out for.

One. I'm assuming that's an alt, right?

Oh yeah, definitely an alt. What amuses me most is how they got the corp name wrong at first and then realized that there is a character named "Kirith" in the game who started before I did hence why I had to take a last name for my main.

Since my industrial activities are not using a POS1 this war dec is nothing more than an annoyance at most. I will need to be careful with Derranna so I won't be doing any autopiloting unless I have her drop from the corp and go into the NPC corral. If I don't, I'm not too worried about a 3 day old alt but I do have some concern about a stealth application attack: have real characters put in applications to the corp but don't accept them until they can ambush a target suddenly. Seems unlikely but not impossible.

And yeah, I'm assuming this is a FINEG alt simply because I don't know of anyone else that would go after Derranna & Co with a corp named "Kirith Kodachi's Fan Club". I mean I don't hide the relationship on this blog and the corp does have Kirith as the founder, but this act feels like something Cap'n Sandi would do.

Well whoever is behind it, kudos for making me laugh all weekend. Its nice to know I have a fan club. :)
1 - Lesson Learned from FINEG: don't anchor a tower you can't defend.

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  1. Anonymous8:38 am

    Dude your patience with these pure ASSHAT's(asshat = someone who who has their head os far up their ass they use it as a hat) astounds me. The FINEG guys (if indeed that is who is doing this..who knows) Seem to have taken attacking you rather personally IMO. Granted they haven't done much nor does it seem they will do much except waste $. Still I'd hunt em down and pod em till they can't be podded no more...TC for now bro