Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Full Circle

Well, I'm back in Strife Mercenaries today.

As review, last winter I was a Director in Strife Mercenaries and things were running well. PvP and mining ops, group cohesion was decent, morale great. But we wanted some 0.0 space.

We tried Slyph alliance but decided the space was not good and the alliance was a little arrogant in fleet ops. We tried joining Rejuvenate alliance but didn't like the executor, so took most of that alliance and created Wrath alliance. But then the politics, crappy space, and time demands were too much and we limped back to low sec Placid, dejected, drained, and depleted.

Then the war with FINEG struck just as we were at our most vulnerable and things went downhill quickly. Since the boys were coming and I knew I'd have little time to play properly, I decided to go into Factional Warfare and with the rest of the directors either on break or frustrated to quitting, the corp disintegrated. Strife still existed but with alts and inactives in it for all these months.

Now FINEG has shown they have no let their war with Strife end with the fall and dispersal of the corp. I've been tracking their movements and times in Eve, and I've decided that I want to declare war on them (not that I'll be able to cause much if any damage on my own, but I want the option if I find them in high sec of engaging, or doing so in low sec without sentry interference). I considered using one of my alt corps like Katana or Insisto Oblivium but it felt fitting if I were to go back to empty Strife and use it. So I checked with the other shareholders and with their approval I'm back as a director of Strife and put the vote through for declaring war last night.

Although I got some moral support from my ex-corp mates, they are all too involved in their own business in new corps and alliances to help me with my little vendetta, so its me against the older and more experienced pilots in FINEG. I'd look into getting a killboard but I think I'll need more of a deathboard, LOL. Still, it could be fun and if I get lucky I might even get one of them.

See you in space FINEG.

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  1. Good luck...got to admire your "Go For It" attitude!