Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kick in the Teeth

On the weekend things went south in a hurry.

Strife is currently in a war with another corp called Fine Goods for Fine Gentlement (FINEG). They declared it on us due to an ex member of theirs joining our corp (apparently) and it was mostly a cold war for a long time. Then they started to finally show up in our low sec area and on Friday night they launched an attack on my medium POS putting it into reinforced.

I didn't realize how much I didn't know about reinforced mode until I was faced with it. Can't unanchor the labs, can repair shields, can't do anything except prepare a defense fleet to meet the enemy when reinforced is over. It is essentially a pause button for the attack to allow the defenders to muster.

I couldn't be there when reinforced ended as it was 4am my time and the twins were especially hungry this past weekend. A small number of Strife pilots did attempt to drive the enemy off but only ended up losing our ex-CEO's carrier in the process along with the POS afterwards. No words express my disappointment considering the carrier was worth more than the starbase structures.

As disappointing as that was, it was not as disappointing as the fact that my plans to have Strife join Factional Warfare have hit a huge snag. We need an average standing of 0.5 to Gallente to join but the Caldari/Amarr mission runners in the corp drag it down to negative numbers. I suppose we could join the Caldari militia but the Minmatar/Gallente mission runners hurt that standing as well.

Forced with gutting Strife to make it fit or starting my own corp, I chose to resign as CEO of Strife and start working on my own factional warfare ready corporation. I gave a two week notice to allow someone else to step up in Strife, then I will resign and start building up my vision from the ground.

The question is now do I use Insisto Oblivium or start a new corp?

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