Thursday, March 27, 2008

Flurry of Activity

Its no great secret that Strife Mercenaries has been looking for a 0.0 home since we reformed a couple months ago. First we considered Foundation and Veritas Immortalis in the Great Wildlands area, but those didn't feel right. Then we joined up with Slyph Alliance in Providence region but found them not to our liking.

We settled in Lonetrek after that since a couple senior members went back to ATF alliance and there was a possibility of bringing Strife along (after the rest of us rejected a merger) but the terms were ludicrous after negotiations and we decided to look elsewhere.

After many long weeks of looking at leads and talking to corps and alliances, we found something that sounds promising enough to try. We are joining with several other corps to found an alliance called Rejuvenate and we'll be making our initial home in Syndicate. I'm very excited at this new turn of events and looking forward to revisiting the region I cut my first 0.0 teeth on in 2006.

So with the decision made last night we begun preparations to move our initial ships into Syndicate by staging in Placid region. I'm taking a selection of ships such as my new Rokh battleship for ratting and fleet warfare and a Falcon recon for PvP and scouting. Probably a few frigates as well. Derranna will move down too in a clone to do some short range hauling as needed and she and Kirith can scout for each other.

Also, Large Hybrid Turret V completed successfully and I'm starting in on the Large Rail Specialization skills, soon to be followed by 9 days of Motion Prediction V for Tech II blasters. It is certainly an exciting time in Strife.

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