Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Corporate Plan

Now that I've settled on starting my own corp for Factional Warfare, I need to decide how to structure it.

The first thing is protecting the industrialist characters from total war. Derranna can't very well move around easily with every Caldari and Amarr militia pilot targeting her, so she will rejoin Razor Technologies and breathe life into it again. Whether or not I put up a new tower remains to be seen, I think for a while she will concentrate on manufacturing and transporting activities. Maybe some mining.

The next question is whether I will use the new corp I made, Insisto Oblivium (INSIS), or start a third corp for the actual sign-up-to-the-militia corporation. I had wanted to use INSIS as the holding corp for an eventual alliance and I think I will stick with that plan. That means creating a new corp.

So three corps in all: an industrial corp (RZR-T), a military corp (???), and the alliance holding corp (INSIS). I'll need CEOs to run them with decent skills for enough pilots of different races, and one character capable of creating my dream alliance.

INSIS corp needs only a figurehead CEO, so a basic out of the box character will handle that. Derranna will be trained to lead Razor and create the alliance eventually, and Korannon will upgrade his skills a bit to be a better CEO for the military corp. Eventually after the carrier training to done perhaps Kirith will train up for the skills but it remains to be seen if I get the gumption to do so.

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