Thursday, August 21, 2008

Damn Freighters

A former corp mate asked for my assistance in moving his stuff across high sec in my freighter and I agreed. He set up the courier contracts and I prepared the Galactica Fenrir-class ship for transport.

Ouch. The packages are up in the Citadel region and 27 jumps from where my freighter was. Then 10 jumps from pickup to drop off site one in Lonetrek. And then 34(!) jumps to the second drop off point. Finally 15 jumps back home.

Considering the freighter gets about 10-15 jumps per hour when autopiloting, I had a long night ahead. I finished the second drop off this morning after autopiloting all evening and giving Derranna a rest overnight; she still needs to make the 15 jumps home tonight.

Meanwhile, Kirith was doing drugs.

No, no, not recreational drugs. Combat Boosters. He was experimenting with them for an article I'm writing. I figured I needed to experience them directly to make sure the information I had gathered was accurate.

We are travelling out of town this weekend, taking tomorrow off and coming back Sunday. Thus no posting tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Wow, that is a lot of jumps.
    Were you afk when doing those autopilots? If so, do you ever get the feeling of getting ganked?
    Nice ships by the way, you must have been playing for a long time to earn the ISK for them!

  2. I do worry a bit about getting a frieghter ganked, especially the less defended Fenrir. But I wasn't carrying stuff that was very expensive of my own (one or two hundred mil at most) so its not worth taking it down for profit. I do afk autopilot when going through less populated regions.

  3. Generally, unless you are carrying more than a billion isk in your hold, it's not worth someone organizing an op and wasting the ships on a high sec ganking of an afk freighter. After about a bill is when you can starting thinking about making a profit from such a venture.

  4. Off topic: I'll be back until Wednesday, and then back again around mid-october. Still deciding if I resub today. I haven't much tiume to play..