Thursday, May 22, 2008


My first combat loss in a month occurred last night.

My wife was out of town with the new twin pilots so I was actually able to log in and fly around. FINEG had two pilots in Stacmon so I decided to be proactive for a change and do some scouting. A corpmate was in the system too so he fitted up a Rapier Force Recon to compliment my solo-pvp Falcon.

We found them docked at a station and started a camp while my wingman went to get his ship. One of the war targets undocked in a shuttle and I tried to lock him, but his buddy undocked in a Drake battlecruiser and I quickly cloaked as I was too close and alone and the Drake's tank would not even flinch at my firepower.

The enemy docked and we got back into position. With two of us we might be able to take him down.

The Drake undocked again and we uncloak; the Rapier goes in fast to bump the ship off the station's docking perimeter while I locked and activated the ECM. Why is he not jammed? Uh oh... missiles slam into my shields. The Falcon is not built to take abuse from damage so I immediately hit warp.

"Unable to warp because you are warp scrambled."

Shit. I know I'm dead but I still make a run for it. Moments later, boom. It sucked but at least it was combat on our terms for a change. And I won't make the same mistake of being in scram range with my Falcon again.

I got my pod out of there to avoid losing any implants and flew back to base to pick up another ship. I debated between several choices but finally settled on a nice little Kitsune for speed and jamming. The enemy gloated a little in local and then logged.

* * * * *
In other news, I've settled on Katana Securities (KATAN) as the name of my new military corp for Factional Warfare. I plan to create it tomorrow night but it won't be active for a while yet. I've had an offer from a corp mate to go and become a member of his corp aimed at Factional Warfare and I'm considering it as I'm going to be very busy this summer with the boys and being a CEO, even in a relaxed corp, might be too much. But I really want to see my vision through.

Decisions, decisions.

Also, Kirith is 3 days from Caldari Battleship V and Korannon is almost done his training of Ethnic Relations IV so I can go back and work on Derranna again. She'll be going hardcore Corporate training for the Alliance creation skill. I know I'm crazy but its a good kind :)

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