Thursday, March 07, 2024

The Bridge Assault


"What was that?"

Sergeant Stiel looked up from the map. Several of his soldiers looked up as well. 

"It came from  over there," said one pointing to the port side of the bridge. 

"Nah, it was over here," said another by the starboard bulkhead.

A quiet voice from one of the corners of the large room, Corporal Janis, the squad's unflappable sniper, stated "It came from both sides."

Stiel looked to Corporal Kilser, his demolitions expert. "Breaching charges?" The soldier simply nodded.

"Listen up! Move away from the walls! Get your weapons ready!" he shouted and the guardsmen quickly moved to obey. They were not green recruit fresh from the hive. They were veterans.

Tense minutes passed, soldier talking in low voices mixing with the sounds of leather, armour, and the background hiss of the consoles and screens of the decrepit vessel. "Maybe they moved on?" one soldier ventured to the sergeant.

Suddenly section of the port side wall blew inward with a deafening roar. As soldiers coughed in the dust and ringing ears bullets the diameter of a man's wrist started whipping through the air. They were joined by blindly flashes of plasma.

"FOR THE DARK GODS! FOR QUINTARA!" Massively armoured eight foot tall marines shouted at a volume not possible for a normal human. 

"OPEN FIRE!" Stiel ordered, his comms-man passing along the order on the vox to ensure everyone in the room would hear it over the ringing in their ears and the constant roar of the reaper autocannon. Lasgun fire started to snap accompanied by imperial plasma and punctuated by the sound of a grenade launcher. The heretics laughed.

Stiel spun as the blast of a second section of wall blew inward on the other side of the room. A daemonic voice scream "INSISTO OBLIVIUM!" and through the billowing dust a form emerged, half super soldier, half daemon, blue glowing claws raised to strike.

"Men, to me! Fix bayonets! FOR THE EMPEROR!"

* * * 

I finished painting my Into the Dark terrain with the Soulshackle upgrade pieces, and thought the best way to show it off was a little battlescene. 

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