Monday, March 18, 2024

The Battle for Ghazgull's Shoe

 Got together with some friends and played some Kill Team, booya. The mission was an Octarius mission where there are three scrap piles and you have to search them for a relic, in this case, sumpreme Ork warlord Ghazgull Urg Thrakka's lost shoe. You get VPs for searching, VP for finding the relic (roll a D6, 6+ its found), and 2 VPs for controlling the relic at the end, 3 if an operative is carrying it.

I was using my sneaky Kommands against Steve and the Necrontyr Hierotek Circle. We deployed in opposite corners and got to work!

I started out splitting up in three directions, big force for left and centre, and a couple orks for the farther right pile.

The Necrons also split with the main man Technomancer controlling the centre with the infiltrating Deathmark getting prime real estate.

I decided to get aggressive and sent the Dakka boy to throw some slugs at Steve directly. I did not roll well.

The Technomanced took personal offense at that and nuked the Dakka boy.

But Steve's real fear was the sneaky Bomb Squig.

The Kommando grot swung into action (literally) and grappling hooked his way to the centre pile to do a search. No shoe, but I get a VP.

The bomb squig made its move, dashing over the top of the terrain to end turning point 1.

The Necrons reinforced the centre and started to remove Orks, the breacha boy was not quite hidden enough as arcane energy zapped him, and the bomb squig took a perfect shot between the eyes. 

But the advancing Nob, Slasha boy, and Snipa boy searched and found the relic in the far left jumk pile. Orks at 3 VPs, Necrons 0.

The Deathmark zotted the Snipa boy with ease, but the Nob and Slasha boy crashed into the Necron lines as the Burna boy charged up the middle and the regular Boy causes chaos in the far right.


The Nob charged the Technomanced and crushed him easily. The Burna boy killed a guardian. The Boy killed a plasmacyte. Things are looking good....

But the Necrons still have the better shooting. 

Turning point 4, the Technomancer and two other Necrons reaminate. The Technomancer retains initiative, and rushes to pick up the objective. The Nob can only chase but not enough action points to fight! Might the Necrons force a draw?!

The Slasha boy, with an extra action from the Nob. throws knives to wound the scrab drone, charges and kills the reanimated guardian, and then in overwatch with a -2 to BS, throws more knives to finish off the scarb. Play of the game!

At the end of the firefight phase, I use my last CP to allow the Nob to "Krump Him!" and fight the Technomancer immeditately! This time there is no escape and the Necron is vanquished, giving contorl of the shoe to the Kommandos. Final score, 5-0.

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