Monday, March 04, 2024

Eat or be Eaten

 Got together with Thunder and played a game of Kill Team. We did missing 1.2 of Soulshackle, Awaken the Control Cores. In the image below the board is seperated into two zones, the smaller zone at the top of the image (aka Control Room) where there are control panels that activate the other panels in the larger bottom zone (aka Engineering). Get VPs for using the activated bottom consoles as well as controlling a majority of them. There are four walls that are breachable to allow us to connect the two areas as well as get more access to the centre room.

Thunder was using his Farstalker Kinband while the Black Storm Chaos Legionaries were back for more. I deployed four marines in the Control Room side room on my right, looking to gain complete control of that area with an eye to blowing a wall to connect my forces. The Kroot deployed only three so I was feeling good, while the rest looked to control the Engineering section.

The Heavy Gunner and Annointed charged into the control room blasting a Kroot through the other open door while my Champion shouts orders.

Carefully peaking the main corridor.

The other two Kroot in the Control Room were shot down but the Long Sight Kroot the head off the Champion with one shot, scared the heavy gunner into retreating, and threatened to close the door on the Annointed who was losing control of the daemon within...

The Kroot move into the core of Engineering uncontested.

The central control console in the middle room is entered by the balefire Acolyte who throws a  massive ball of fire into a group of Kroot and hounds, killing two and wounded the others!

The opening turning point was bloody for the Kroot but wounds are starting to accumulate on the marines...

As the heavy gunner retreats from the Control Room, the Daemonic Annointed bashes through the door before the Long Sight can close it, and the Kroot is ripped apart.

But the Kroot easily secure the main Engineering room.

As the plasma gunner advanced in the main corridor, a Kroot hunter (who killed the Balefire Acolyte) ran up in the centre room, planted charges, and blew the wall wounding the plasma gunner. Then it charged and stuck a huge knife in his belly. The Shrive talon extracted revenge but the value of controlling the Control Room was not being felt as the Engineering consoles were being dominated by the careful Kroot.

AS Turning Point 4 ended, the Kroot victory points showed a commanding lead and victory goes to the Kinband!

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